Are you ready to take the guesswork out of finding the right CPA in Los Angeles?

CPA MOMS specializes in the careful selection and screening of professional CPAs with plenty of experience and specialties with specific industries. We will help you find the right CPA by screening and testing professionals and connecting them with you for personalized, affordable bookkeeping, accounting, or tax solutions. We are the “eHarmony” of the accounting world!

Some reasons you may be searching for a new CPA in the LA area include the following:

  • I Outgrew My Bookkeeper
  • I Haven’t Filed My Taxes In A Few Years
  • I’m Surprised By My Tax Bill
  • I Have No Idea Where My Money Goes
  • I Don’t Get Accurate or Timely Financials
  • I Need a CPA To Review My Financials

If any of these statements ring true, try CPA MOMS to find a qualified CPA for extensive accounting services!

Our 3 Step Process to Help You Find the Right CPA

Our process helps remove some of the hassles of finding a good CPA as we will do most of the work to find the right match! It is also a benefit that we pre-screen all CPAs extensively to ensure that anyone you are matched with is highly qualified.


You will start by filling out our online consultation form and one of our analysts will assign you to a CPA that matches your specific business needs. This CPA will contact you within 1 or 2 business days to book your free 30 minute phone consultation.


In this consultation, the CPA will assess the scope of accounting services you need and your budget to create a written proposal and quote. The CPA will also likely need to review your books prior to offering a quote if you have existing books.


The final step includes you reviewing the proposal and quote with the assigned CPA to make any modifications that are needed. Then a formal engagement letter, payment approval, and billing agreement form will be emailed to you.

Something to remember about using CPA MOMS to find a CPA in Los Angeles is that you will not have any costs for the CPA match as the marketplace is free to business owners.

Why You Should Go Virtual for Your Accounting Needs

CPA MOMS is unique because of our ability to provide business owners with a  more affordable accounting solution by working exclusively with professionals that are willing to exchange higher salaries for more flexibility. All of our services are delivered virtually, and these overhead savings are then passed onto the business owner. Working with a CPA virtually is an excellent option for any business ranging from a small start-up to a multi-million dollar operations!

Find a CPA that Offers Experience in Your Industry

CPA MOMS professionals are able to serve entrepreneurs at all stages whether cashflow is tight or you are rapidly growing and need a better financial system in place. We don’t serve government agencies or publicly traded companies but we do have a number of accounting and tax professionals that have experience and a broad range of industries including:

  • eCommerce
  • Service professions
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Interior design firms
  • 501(c)3 organizations
  • And more!

You can also find CPAs with specialized experience with Real Estate Investors, Franchise Owners, and Entrepreneurs. If you need a professional that can manage complex strategies, comprehensive accounting, and adapting to your specific models and systems, CPA MOMS is your tool for finding the right fit!

Meet the CPAs

Most of our professionals are licensed CPAs with an average of 16 years of professional experience. These powerful women are highly-trained and many left corporate careers at Big 4 accounting firms and prestigious corporations to become their own boss. CPA MOMS provides ongoing training, community, and a support system to help them better serve your business needs.

Free Consultation

Are you ready to find the right CPA in Los Angeles? Complete this online form to book a FREE 30 minute phone consultation with an experienced CPA that will be assigned to you based on your business and budget.

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