Interview With Connie Benjamin, #1 International Best Selling Author Of The Book “Women With Fire”

Connie Benjamin is the #1 International Best Selling Author of the book “Women With Fire”, international speaker, and podcast host of My Fire Within Radio. After nearly losing her marriage and almost giving up the entrepreneurial journey, she and her husband Andy began a quest to live their mission without losing their family. They developed the My Fire Within System that helped them to fall in love again, replace their day job income, and love being stay at home parents with their three daughters.

Using their proprietary My Fire Within System, they are now on a mission to empower other entrepreneurs who have lost passion for their purpose within their relationships and business to re-light their fire within themselves, their marriage, and their business connections.

Their mission is to empower entrepreneurs to fulfill their Divine purpose so they can uplift their family and humanity through socially responsible business.

Here are the highlights from this interview:

  • Like a lot of working moms struggling with doing what’s right for her family and her career, Connie thought that being an entrepreneur was going to be the answer to everything
  • She had a 9 – 5 job but when she got in her car every day and cried on her way to work, she finally decided to become an entrepreneur in order to be there for her family
  • But what she discovered was that there were many challenges along the way, especially when the dreams of the entrepreneur in the family seem to take over
  • After almost losing her family because of the struggles with being an entrepreneur, she made it her mission to help other entrepreneurs not make the same mistakes
  • She had been spending so much time hustling in her new business that she realized she was disconnected from her husband, she still felt stressed as a mom, her health was deteriorating, and her business wasn’t as successful as she wanted
  • She felt broken and after having a melt down, she decided that she would find a way to stay connected to her family and started on her quest to figure that out
  • She’s on a mission to empower entrepreneurs to be successful but to also stay connected to the people they love
  • She shares that while it can be challenging to have a calling, to have a purpose and want to do something with that calling, there is a way to be a successful entrepreneur without having to sacrifice your family in the process
  • In meeting other women in her travels and speaking engagements, she realized how many other women had a calling but were feeling broken as well, being pulled in so many different directions in their various roles.
  • She explains that we all have a fire within us, calling us to do more and be more, and that the fire doesn’t need to come at the cost of our health, our sanity or our families
  • Women are the heart of the family and when we empower them to step into their greatness, we truly change the world
  • Her mission is to help women find that light within themselves, but not at the expense of the people they love
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