Faith Adams is a psychology graduate and a working mom and has been working in HR and Customer Success roles throughout 6 years of her career. At Illumeo, she leads the user engagement team, and is  responsible for creating a data bridge between their users and the platform.  Illumeo is constantly gathering data from their users around their learning needs, their enrollment patterns, and their future training needs, and converts these learnings into actions through curriculum development and updates to their platform’s functionalities. At the heart of it all, Faith works at making it easier for people to keep up with all new updates and to be able to be better at what they do.

Here are the highlights from this interview:

  • Faith Adams is the manager of user engagement at Illumeo, dealing with one of the most important aspects for a business – customer satisfaction
  • She is a working mom with a 6 ½ year old daughter
  • She has a degree in psychology and loves focusing on customer success
  • During the Pandemic she started homeschooling her daughter and balancing her work with her daughter’s needs
  • She explains that Illumeo was founded in 2016 by an accounting and finance professional in order to transform the CPE arena by bringing together compliance training and professional development 
  • Illumeo is a purpose-built learning management system
  • It offers more than 1,600 courses, up to 100 webinars, with over 25 CPE types
  • Some of the features include a CPE compliance tracker, as well as a valuable personal and managerial assessment module allowing users to self-assess their level of progress in various areas and choose continuing education based on their needs, interests and goals
  • Not only can the user participate in the assessment module, but managers can also use it to assess their employees, offering them the opportunity to steer their professional development plan individually or as a group
  • In August 2019, and every year since, Illumeo has won numerous awards including the Best Overall CPE Solution
  • They are continually adding new courses and certifications as industry demands change, offering learning opportunities with over 280 instructors
  • All courses are reviewed and peer tested, as well as allowing users to directly ask questions of the instructor
  • The instructors are leaders in their field and subject experts, taking into account the various learning styles of all students of each course
  • They currently have over 75,000 users around the globe

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