Leadership Series – Being The Resolution

Leadership Series – Being The Resolution

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As we’ve all made a resolution or two on New Year’s Eve, we’re quite familiar with the concept of making resolutions.  A resolution is simply a promise to yourself to get something done, ideally along with a plan to make it happen.

A resolution can be a goal that you set informally and keep private, or you can share your goals and plans with other people. While it’s not very difficult to make a resolution, committing and following through are where most people have the greatest challenges.

It’s the reason why so many gyms are empty by the end of February – New Year’s resolutions fade with time.  It’s not that people don’t want the result the resolution is promising them; it’s that they lose interest when the excitement or motivation wears off.

When it comes to leadership though, being the resolution means recognizing what is missing in the world and viewing that as an opportunity to become what is needed.  It’s about lifting your attention up and out, and noticing your world at work and at home:

  • What’s missing?
  • What could be more efficient and productive?
  • Who needs help?
  • Who needs more connection?

Being the resolution as a leader means answering this question – Are you willing to step up and be what’s missing?  Most people like to complain about what’s missing, but how many are willing to take action to BE what’s missing?

Unfortunately, most of us have worked for unconscious leaders where team members who do not feel heard, will stop caring about making changes and give up on creating solutions that could benefit the organization.

Being the resolution takes place from a leader’s YES!

It’s not about being blind to problems, but instead being open to solutions and being open to other people’s ideas and suggestions as well.  It’s creating an environment that moves you and everyone else forward.

Great leaders look for ways to be the resolution – is that what you try to do whenever possible?

Let’s be honest – the world needs better leaders at work and at home.  Are you ready to become a better leader?

Source – “The 15 Commitments Of Conscious Leadership”