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Are you currently on the hunt for a qualified virtual tax accountant that can provide affordable services for your Los Angeles business?

CPA MOMS will help you find the right fit for greater financial peace of mind! We specialize in finding, screening, and testing virtual CPAs and connecting them with entrepreneurs in need of affordable accounting and tax solutions. Our CPAs perform various useful accounting services including:

  • Full Charge Bookkeeping & Payroll Management
  • Tax Planning & Preparation
  • Accounting & Financial Reporting
  • Cashflow Management & CFO
  • Quickbooks Setup & Training
  • Reviews & Attestations (No audits at this time)

The CPA MOMS tax professionals bring ample experience in a broad range of industries to help you with your specific financial and tax needs. We also offer CPAs with specialized experience working virtually with Real Estate Investors, Franchise Owners, and Entrepreneurs.

Let CPA MOMS find the perfect virtual tax accountant for your business in Los Angeles!

What Can a Qualified Virtual Tax Accountant Do for Your Business in LA?

The CPAs in our national network bring in certifications and experience for generic bookkeeping and accounting functions and many offer extensive experience with tax accounting. Hiring one of these professionals will ensure that you are in a good place come tax season even if they are not the one filing returns!

A good virtual tax accountant will know every deadline and specific tax rule, push important information towards the tax preparer, and provide the preparer with quarterly or monthly financial reports to get tax liability estimates. It is a good idea to hire a separate tax accountant that can work virtually to provide tax saving strategies and ensure your books are accurate.

Find a Virtual Tax Accountant through Our Network

When it comes time for your business start-up or large organization to hire a tax accountant, our virtual network is the way to go! The professional accountants at CPA MOMS are all licensed and many offer an average of 16 years of professional experience in their industry. Many of these highly-trained professionals had successful careers at prestigious corporations but have chosen to work virtually to have greater flexibility.

We will act as the “eHarmony” of accounting to match your Los Angeles area business with the right virtual tax accountant for your needs. Learn more about a few of the virtual tax accountants in our network now to get a better idea of the type of CPAs you will have access to when you hire through CPA MOMS!

3-Step Process to Hiring a Virtual Tax Accountant in Los Angeles

Our process to match you with a virtual tax accountant is simple and it takes the hassle out of having to interview a number of professionals to find the right fit.

The 3 step process begins when you fill out the form with basic information about the needs of your business. From there we will assign a qualified CPA to contact you to book a free 30 minute phone consultation in a short timeframe. During this consultation, the CPA will provide a written proposal and quote that can be reviewed and modified until you are in alignment. The final step includes the CPA emailing you a formal engagement letter, payment approval, and a billing agreement.

Build Your Firm by Hiring Virtual Tax Accountants from CPA MOMS

It can be challenging to efficiently grow an Accounting, Tax, or Attest Firm in the Los Angeles area. If you need assistance building a reliable team of virtual tax accountants, CPA MOMS can help!

We provide talent acquisition, screening, and testing services to connect firms with highly qualified professionals to help build your firm. CPA MOMS also brings in proven systems to help grow a virtual CPA firm to save you time and money.

Fill out this online form to schedule a conversation with a CPA MOMS Placement Manager to figure out if our virtual tax accountants would be a good fit for your needs!

Schedule a FREE Consultation with a Virtual Tax Accountant Now

Are you ready to find the right virtual tax accountant for your Los Angeles business? Book a consultation today with one of our experienced CPAs. You have nothing to lose with this free phone conversation!

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