This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Rick Grossman.  Rick has been involved in the franchise industry since 1994. He franchised his first company and grew to 49 franchised locations in 19 states during the mid to late 90’s. He served as the CEO and primary trainer focusing on franchisee relations and creating tools and technologies to increase franchisee success.

Rick franchised his second company in 2003. He served as the company’s CEO and Marketing Director. He developed the high tech/high touch franchise marketing and sales system selling over 150 franchises in North America capturing ranking in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 500 franchises in less than three years.

During this period he served as a business and marketing consultant to small companies and multimillion dollar enterprises. He also consulted Franchisees and prospective Franchisees, Franchisors, and companies seeking to become Franchisors.

Rick had the honor of working with his mentor, Erwin Keup as a Contributing Author for the 7th edition of Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise Bible published by Entrepreneur Press.


During the interview we discuss the 4 biggest challenges that accounting entrepreneurs face:

  1. Not enough time – one of the biggest struggles that entrepreneurs face is the feelings of stress and overwhelm; whether you are just starting out or have been doing this for awhile.  We all have 24 hours but how you manage those hours is the key to your entrepreneur success.  CPA MOMS has done the work to help entrepreneurs manage their time more efficiently and effectively so that you can balance your career with your family.
  2. Not enough support – feeling isolated is a big challenge that many entrepreneurs face today.  Having a supportive community, offering you the right tools, systems, coaching, mentorship and support is what sets entrepreneurs up for success.  Growing an accounting practice on your own doesn’t have to be so isolating and confusing which is why CPA MOMS has built such a large community and has many “done it for you” options to choose from
  3. Not enough quality clients – the key with building any accounting practice is clients, specifically quality clients.  This is a challenge for a lot of accountants who were never taught the skills of marketing and sales.  You want to do high quality work and service clients who need your expertise, but it’s not easy to find those quality clients to fill your book.  CPA MOMS has cracked the code on this issue and has been able to build a system for lead generation that new or experienced entrepreneurs will want to take advantage of.
  4. Not enough confidence – Uncertainty, confusion and doubt are par for the course when being an entrepreneur.  A lack of confidence can be the thing that stops you from even taking the leap to have your own practice or from growing your current practice.  When you don’t have confidence, you don’t have a strong foundation on which to build.  CPA MOMS has taken care of the uncertainty, confusion and doubt by providing coaching, mentoring and systems to make sure you succeed in whatever you have dreamed for your future.

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