How to Deal with Difficult People

Jan 5, 2021 | CPA Blog |

Roadmap to The CPA MOMS Podcast – Difficult People

With over 60,000 downloads of the podcast, we know we've got some powerful information to share with accountant moms just like you.

We also understand that with over 100 episodes to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. You are welcome to start any place you want, but it's not necessary to go back to the beginning.

We created this roadmap to help onboard you to the podcast. We selected the episodes that would best get you up to speed and ready to tune in each Sunday when new episodes are released.

Whether you're in public or private accounting, there's no way to avoid having to deal with difficult people both personally and professionally.  Below you’ll find a few great podcast episodes for busy female accountant moms just like you to help you deal with the difficult people in your life. Feel free to check out The CPA MOMS Podcast in order to get practical support and solutions you need to have it all – a successful career and a happy family.


Difficult People

Whether it's a micro-managing boss or an overbearing mother-in-law, handling difficult people in your personal and professional life can be challenging, especially for accountant moms trying to balance a career with a family.

Before you know it, you're left frustrated, unable to focus on what you need to get done, unable to say no and feeling overwhelmed.

Let's face it, you already have a lot on your plate and having to deal with difficult people can just add another layer of stress that you probably don't need.

If you struggle with dealing with difficult people, with setting boundaries, or how to stop taking things personally, you might find the following episodes of The CPA MOMS Podcast helpful:


#2 – How To Set Boundaries The Correct Way

Envision this – resentment free relationships, no longer engaging in gossip, clear and honest communication with others and with yourself, managing your relationship with technology, feeling peaceful and in control.

This episode discusses shares the secrets to setting boundaries (hint: just saying “no” is not setting a boundary), what a boundary is and is not and share an example from my life.

How To Set Boundaries The Correct Way


#4 – Why We Take Things Personally And How To Stop

Have you ever made someone else's mood mean something about you?  Have you ever felt defensive or uncomfortable when someone said something to you or about you?

This episode discusses why we take things personally, what we can do instead, why it doesn’t make you an uncaring person and the key to learning how to stop taking things personally.

Why We Take Things Personally And How To Stop


#53 – Learning How To Have a Difficult Conversation

If you are someone who is uncomfortable having a difficult conversation it’s because you were never taught the skill of how to have a difficult conversation.  It doesn’t require you to be negative, forceful or dramatic; it only requires you to be open to learning a new way of communicating and managing your mind.

This episode discusses the steps to having a difficult conversation and share examples so that, no matter what the outcome of the conversation, you will feel better for having learned this new skill.

Learning How To Have a Difficult Conversation


#91 – Dealing With Shame

As mothers we also have an incredible opportunity to deal with shame in a way that empowers our children to not stay hidden.  When we understand our own feelings of shame, what’s causing it and can powerfully deal with it, we can teach our children a better way as well.

This episode discusses where shame comes from, my own issues around shame and how to take back control of shame.

Dealing With Shame


#98 – Dealing With Difficult Clients

Unfortunately, no matter how well you screen potential clients or how long you’ve had a pleasant relationship with them, clients can be difficult at times.  It doesn’t matter how big or small your practice is, or what types of businesses you provide your services to, there is no guarantee that you’re not going to have to deal with difficult clients along the way.

This episode discusses the major categories of difficult clients, the main causes of stress around difficult clients and a tool to help you deal with them.

Dealing With Difficult Clients


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