Flexible, Virtual Accounting & Tax Positions

Hiring Process in 3 Steps

We look forward to learning more about you!


The application process may include one or more questionnaires and personality assessments. Due to the number of applicants, we are unable to interview all applicants. However, we do keep all applications on file.


If selected as one of the Top 10 Candidates, you will receive an email to complete online technical tests and you will have the opportunity to update your application. After completed, you can book an initial video interview w/CPA MOMS Placement Manager.


If you are selected as one of the Final 3 Candidates, you will have one week to complete a full screening (including background checks, additional technical/software tests, and profiles) before we schedule final interviews with the Firm.

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Positions range typically from $30-50/hr working part-time or full-time, flexible hours from home for established accounting or tax firms looking to build their team. Each position is unique, so please read the descriptions below for any open positions.

The 3 step hiring process generally takes 4 weeks to complete. If you are not selected as a Top 10 Candidate, you will not be notified; however, we will keep your application on file for future consideration. All interviews are conducted via video conference. Check out the current openings.

Who Should Apply?

Virtual, flexible jobs are best for accountants or tax professionals that are not ready to start their own solo practice or who want to supplement their solo practice long-term. Most positions require at least 10 – 20 hours a week of availability minimum. If you are an accounting professional who wants to replace your J.O.B. with a virtual position at a family friendly accounting or tax firm, this is the right place for you. There are positions available for men and non-CPAs. We will notify you when new positions are posted. Please feel free to apply to any position you feel is a good fit for you.

This is not the right opportunity for someone who has their own firm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay to upload my profile to the Directory?

No. Any accountant or tax professional may upload a free profile to the Directory. The free profile does not include a personality assessment or background check; however, you are able to take the online technical test (Note: your test results are automatically displayed on your public profile.)

Do I need a CPA license to be on the Directory or to be hired?

No. Any accounting or tax professional may publish a profile on the Directory provided that you are physically based in the US.

Also, the majority of firms who post jobs on our Job Board are looking to hire CPAs, but not all jobs require you to hold an active CPA license.

How do I increase my chances of being selected for an interview?

There is no perfect formula; however, there are a few best practices that we can recommend that you follow to increase your chances of being selected:

1) Complete your profile and check for spelling or grammar errors

2) Apply for jobs as they come up

3) Stay active in the community, you never know who is watching

4) Work with a coach to clarify your career goals and strategy for finding the perfect job.


What types of positions are available?

There are a large variety of positions:

– part time and full-time
– permanent and seasonal
– W2 and independent contractor

We ask that Hiring Firms post only virtual jobs, but working on-site is optional if both parties agree.

Basically, there is something for everyone. You are able to make your preferences known in your profile.

Do I have to complete a profile to apply for a job on the Job Board?

At this time, we do NOT require applicants to have a profile on the Directory in order to apply for a job on the Job Board. That being said, we are upgrading the Marketplace and in those upgrades, we may require each applicant to have a basic profile.



Any opportunities to gain experience for my CPA license or future jobs?

Yes. Many professionals in our community are looking to gain their CPA experience hours to complete their CPA license requirements and need to work under a licensed CPA. Also, others may have had difficulty finding work due to a lack of real world experience.

That being said, these positions are somewhat rare. Most Hiring Firms who use our Marketplace are small firms with less than 5 people on the team. As such, not all Hiring Firms are able to “sign-off” on CPA experience hours because of the administrative burden of compliance. That being said, if you are willing to work for rates that are low enough to justify the extra administration or can bring other value or skills to the team, you may be able to find the opportunity you are looking for.

Is there a guarantee that I'll be selected for interview?

No. There is no guarantee that you will be selected for a job interview when you apply for a job on the Job Board or when you publish your profile to the Directory.

What can I expect if I apply for a job or if selected for an interview?

If you apply for a job on the Job Board, you will only be notified if you are selected for an interview. The process can take 1-4 weeks before a Hiring Firm is ready to start the interview process.

If you are selected for an interview, you will be given a chance to review the job posting first and you will have up to 2 business days to accept or reject the interview. If you accept the interview, you are agreeing to book an interview within 10 days of the request and agree to show up.

By accepting the interview, you are also saying that you are still available for hire based on the terms of the job posting.

If you are entertaining another job offer, please be fully transparent. If they choose to move forward with the interview, knowing that you have other offers on the table or are currently actively pursuing other opportunities, they do so at their own risk.


What if I have a job or have clients?

It depends on the Hiring Firm. We generally advise Hiring Firms not to hire professionals with full-time jobs. It becomes very difficult for both parties to navigate around the job. Part-time jobs with flexibility can work quite successfully.

Also, it is common and sometimes recommended that Hiring Firms outsource work to freelance professionals who already have a book of clients. This is usually seasonal work or may be a situation where the Hiring Firm is still in early stages of growth and can not make any guarantees on client hours.

The most important thing to consider is to be fully transparent up front at the beginning and explain your situation and what you are looking for. There is generally someone for everyone.  

What about internships or jobs for accounting students?

As our Marketplace grows, there will be more opportunities for accounting students or those looking for paid or unpaid internships. The focus of most Hiring Firms is to identify professionals with experience, so the likelihood is low. You are still eligible to create a profile and apply for jobs.



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