Leadership Series – Experiencing The World As An Ally

Leadership Series – Experiencing The World As An Ally

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While social movements like #MeToo and Black Lives Matter have been changing important conversations about the rights of women and minorities, it’s as important as ever to speak up when you see or experience some form of injustice.  But it’s also important to see people and circumstances as allies in your growth, not as enemies, especially when it comes to leadership.

As you become open to looking for support and are willing to reach out to others, you set the tone for those you lead to do the same with you.  Instead of being a reactive leader who believes people and circumstances are obstacles to getting what you want, you actually show a higher level of emotional intelligence when you experience the world as an ally.

Even if there are obstacles, shifting your focus to who and what is for you, rather than against you, you’re much better able to move you forward.  Instead of being stuck alone, trying to overcome the obstacles by yourself, you can ask for help and find support in others.

Unfortunately many leaders seem to have a reactive mindset.  They are convinced that they will feel happier once they get what they want, and if they can’t get what they want, it’s because others are standing in their way.  

This “me versus them” mentality creates an atmosphere of negativity and mistrust, not only for the leader, but for those around them as well.  It also fosters an undertone of creating enemies instead of allies.

While most leaders will be faced with many challenges, when you can see the world through the lens of others being allies, you make it possible to collaborate, support, and encourage many more people than when you experience the world as an enemy.  

The truth is that challenges can create the positive pressure often needed for leaders to expand beyond their comfort zone, allowing them to shift out of the state of comparison and instead to see everyone and everything as equally valuable.

Great leadership means making the effort to see no one and nothing as your enemy, saving so much more time and energy when you’re not assuming the worst.

It’s important to be willing to become aware of how often you notice the worst in others, and instead look for ways to see them at their best.  The more allies you can foster, the more impact your leadership will have. 

Great leaders experience the world as an ally – is that how you are experiencing it?

Let’s be honest – the world needs better leaders at work and at home.  Are you ready to become a better leader?

Source – “The 15 Commitments Of Conscious Leadership”