The Success Principles Series – Release The Brakes

The Success Principles Series – Release The Brakes

Oct 27, 2022 | CPA Blog |

The tenth topic in the book “The Success Principles” by Jack Canfield is all about releasing the brakes.  

He explains that most people drive through life with their psychological emergency brakes on.  They hold onto negative images about themselves or suffer the effects of powerful experiences they haven’t yet released.

They stay in a comfort zone entirely of their own making.  They maintain inaccurate beliefs about reality or harbor guilt and self-doubt.  

And when they try to achieve their goals, these negative images and preprogrammed comfort zones always cancel out their good intentions; no matter how hard they try.

He shares that successful people, on the other hand, have discovered that instead of using increased willpower as the engine to power their success, it’s simply easier to “release the brakes” by letting go of and replacing their limiting beliefs and changing their self-images.

In order to change your comfort zone, he shares the following three ways:

  1. You can use affirmations and positive self-talk to affirm already having what you want, doing what you want, and being the way you want.
  2. You can create powerful and compelling new internal images of having, doing, and being what you want.
  3. You can simply change your behavior.

He also shares that successful people understand that you are never stuck.  You just keep recreating the same experience over and over by thinking the same thoughts, maintaining the same beliefs, speaking the same words, and doing the same things.

As long as you keep complaining about your present circumstances, your mind will focus on that.  By continually talking about, thinking about, and writing about the way things are, you are continually reinforcing those very same neural pathways in your brain that got you to whare you are today.

If you don’t want to keep repeating the same things over and over, you have to be willing to stop blaming circumstances and instead, release the brakes and push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Those brakes are getting in the way of more than you realize.

Source – “The Success Principles”