To celebrate the 200th episode of The CPA MOMS Podcast, we interviewed our very own CPA MOMS founder and CEO, Mayumi Young.

It’s been two years since we discussed the launch of the CPA MOMS franchise opportunity, and Mayumi is back to discuss why CPA MOMS matters, why she believes the franchise business model is the best option for accountant moms to have a firm and a family, and some exciting things that are happening.  From a new e-book to the announcement of the 1st annual CPA MOMS Cares Conference, there are even more things in the works for the CPA MOMS Community.

During the interview we discuss:

  • Her journey to becoming a CPA simply started with doing well in an accounting class, having student debt, and realizing that accounting could be a fruitful career path
  • She hit a point where she began to question her purpose
  • She had a personal awakening and knew she needed to follow her intuition
  • She realized she was being called to be an innovator in an industry that was devaluing working moms
  • She had witnessed a one-way revolving door with accountant moms who went on maternity leave and never came back to work
  • She started CPA MOMS on a hunch – if she provided an opportunity for the flexibility that professional working moms who happened to be CPAs needed, she could offer them what corporate America wasn’t
  • CPA MOMS’ business model changed numerous times over the years with one sole purpose – to show accountant moms that they could have a family and a firm without having to sacrifice their career or their family
  • At the end of the day, she believes the issue with work-life balance is a design problem
  • The last 13 years have been devoted to building the infrastructure to make it possible for accountant moms to have a firm and a family
  • She believes the work CPA MOMS matters because too many women sacrifice too much in order to have an accounting career and a family
  • She feels we should do everything we can to support family empowerment and shatter the preconceptions about working moms
  • She eventually chose the franchise business model because it would provide the most comprehensive, supportive system for accountant moms to have successful firms while also having a family
  • She is excited about future plans to bring the CPA MOMS brand global and to become a charitable B Corp.
  • CPA MOMS just launched their first e-book, teaching accountant moms the 10 keys to having a firm and a family
  • CPA MOMS will be hosting their first ever live event in November 2022
  • This event will allow accountant moms to not only meet with each other but also to allow CPA MOMS to spoil them as well
  • After the last few years of working moms having incredible pressure put on them, she feels it’s time that they can have someone do something for them instead of them always sacrificing for others
  • You can get a copy of the e-book mentioned HERE
  • You can check out the CPA MOMS Annual Cares Community Conference mentioned HERE