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CPA MOMS® coaches support CPA mompreneurs to create and grow successful practices with confidence

How Would We Serve You?

If you're tired of trying to figure it out on your own, then you have come to the right place!
You've worked hard to become a CPA and you want professional success but you also want to live a life in flow. That's where we come in!

CPA MOMS coaches are highly trained in: mindset, time optimization, and stress reduction coaching and have a specialty of working specifically with accounting professionals. We believe that one should not “talk the talk” unless they can “walk the walk”. Our coach has a unique combination of mentor and coach, and was hand-picked because of her success in living the principles she teaches. If you have ever wanted a mentor who has already succeeded in the areas you want help achieving, you'll appreciate the authenticity of someone who has “been there, and done that” and can mentor you from personal experience.


Uses a systemized approach to rewire your mindset so that you may discover who you truly are, become confident, and help you become aligned with the best version of your authentic self.

Time Optimization coaching

Identify actions you're taking that create short and long term time management issues. Build routines that support a balanced life where work, family, and leisure are all more meaningful and fully experienced.

Stress Reduction

You may be carrying bricks with you everywhere you go that make you more stressed and overwhelmed than you need to be. Learn how to identify what things are causing stress and how you can put down those bricks.

Meet The Coaches

“Working with Dawn was like having a sherpa to guide me up a mountain. She helped me to get clear about what I wanted and then how to have it. I fully gave myself permission to want more.”

– Allison, VP Finance, NY

Dawn has been a CPA in public accounting for over 30 years as well as a mom for over 27 years. Accountants hire Dawn because they are looking for a Mindset Coach to help them eliminate stress trying to juggle it all. Dawn's methods of time and stress management allow working professional moms to finally have a career and a family, while confidently build an accounting career they love.

Dawn Goldberg, CPA